Web Application Development (SAAS)

Below, you can find a few of my notable projects and work experiences as a WebApp (PHP) Developer: Professional Listing Platform (Core PHP):

Similar to India Mart, this platform boasts over 10,000 professional registrations. I enhanced it by implementing features such as Google Login, wishlist functionality, and Google Captcha integration. The Superadmin Dashboard efficiently manages inquiries. This project utilized Core PHP, the Bootstrap front-end framework, JavaScript, and CSS, and was deployed on an Amazon Web Server (EC2 instance).

Multivendor Shopping Site (WooCommerce):
idzyner multi-vendor woocommerce site by santosh

An e-commerce marketplace with over 4,000 products, 20,000 visitors, and 400 active users. It was developed using the WooCommerce framework, various WordPress plugins, and themes with extensive customizations. The platforms are hosted on AWS servers, which I manage effectively, ensuring regular backups for data security.

Property Listing Websites (CodeIgniter Framework):

I developed the Realtors Planet real estate website CMS from scratch using the CodeIgniter framework 3.0 of PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap front-end framework, JavaScript, and CSS for the client Realtorsplanet.

Property Listing Websites (WordPress):

Using WordPress CMS, WP themes, and plugins, I created a Property Listing Platform. Here, the website owner can add properties, agents, and customize property and agent fields for clients Nestorproperties and Mypropguru.

ENTBOX - The Best Indian Videos Collection (WordPress):

I developed the ENTBOX platform using WordPress CMS to showcase the latest and best Indian videos collected from YouTube and other social media platforms. We added and customized plugins for visitor tracking, Visual Composer, Yoast, social media integration, and more.

E-commerce Site (Opencart Framework):

At the beginning of my career, I worked with the Opencart Framework to build e-commerce websites. I explored the admin dashboard, customized themes, integrated payment gateways, and managed products, SKUs, and recurring services. I also had the opportunity to develop a shopping site for a USA client specializing in cellphone accessories. This involved customizing the Opencart framework, adding PayPal payment gateway, and various shipping methods.

WordPress Development

In the realm of WordPress, I excel in the following areas:


Custom WordPress Themes:

Crafting tailor-made themes by adapting them to meet the demands of employers and the unique needs of customers.

WordPress Plugins:

I'm adept at identifying, testing, and integrating WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of your website.

WooCommerce Expertise:

I have hands-on experience in installing and configuring WooCommerce, including setting up stores for employers and clients. My skills extend to integrating shipping and payment gateways, and configuring WordPress plugins according to the specific requirements of the store. I also provide assistance in adding products and managing the online store effectively.

Business Websites


I specialize in creating responsive and mobile-friendly multi-page websites for businesses. These websites are designed to promote products and services and establish a strong online presence. My services include adding social media links, integrating inquiry forms to ensure communication with clients via email, and incorporating WhatsApp custom message integration for direct lead generation. Moreover, I integrate chatbots for streamlined customer interactions.

Landing Pages


I've developed purpose-driven landing pages for various industries, including real estate, coaching, and conferences. These landing pages are equipped with social media links, inquiry forms, WhatsApp custom message integration to generate leads directly to the client's WhatsApp number, and integrated chatbots. On occasion, I've also integrated CRM systems through APIs for efficient lead management.

Essential Services

In addition to these projects, I offer expertise in several essential services:

Custom WordPress Themes:

Crafting tailor-made themes by adapting them to meet the demands of employers and the unique needs of customers.

Google Analytics Integration & Basic SEO:

I optimize websites by adding meta tags, meta keywords, and titles to pages, generate XML sitemaps, and add Google Analytics tags.

CRM Integration:

I efficiently insert leads from inquiry forms into CRM systems through API integration.

Chatbot Integration:

I incorporate chatbots into websites to enhance user engagement and facilitate better conversions.

WhatsApp Custom Message Integration:

My services include adding custom WhatsApp messaging to websites.

Payment Gateway API Integration:

I'm experienced in integrating third-party payment gateways, including Razorpay, PayPal, and Instamojo.

Google & Facebook Signup/Login API Integrations:

I specialize in the seamless implementation of Google and Facebook sign-up and login APIs.

AWS & Hosting:

I have hands-on experience in managing EC2 instances and the AWS dashboard. I'm also proficient in handling CPanel hosting and FTP using FileZilla applications.

Backup & Restorations:

I'm an expert in backup and restoration services for various types of websites, including business websites, e-commerce sites, web applications, WordPress sites, and WooCommerce sites.

Business Email Creation Service (Custom):

I offer custom business email creation services to enhance professional communication.

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